Learn How To Create Your Own Webinar With These 4 Easy Steps

Webinars are one of the most powerful communication platforms ever devised. Imagine putting up your own webinar and presenting your ideas, goods, or services to hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of people all at once! You’re just a few simple steps away from achieving peak communication efficiency!

Step 1: Make a Webinar Presentation That Motivates People To Act

Every webinar should include a “call to action.” whether you’re using it to sell condominiums or to tell them you’re the greatest dentist in town. “go to my website and buy my product” or “pick up the phone and schedule an appointment,” but the purpose of every webinar is to encourage the webinar audience to DO SOMETHING! This is something you should never forget.

As a result, build a webinar powerpoint presentation that entertains, educates, and concludes with a clear call to action. What are you expecting them to do? Then, at the conclusion of your webinar, tell them precisely what to do and how to accomplish it! This is the first rule of webinar development.

Step 2: Select a Webinar Hosting Service

Choose a webinar hosting firm that fits your requirements and budget. There are a lot of options to pick from. I recommend GoToWebinar if you expect fewer than 1000 people and want to do multiple webinars each year.

Step 3: Create a webinar

You’ll need to know how to set up your webinar after you’ve picked a webinar host. The webinar host will offer a setup page where you may provide a title, description, date, and time for the webinar. It will also request that you create any polls or surveys.

Polls are a terrific method to get your participants to connect with one other. “What is stopping you from achieving success in (your topic).” is a nice poll question. You’d show them four barriers and let them choose the one that’s most significant to them.

This is an excellent method to convince your audience to confess they have a difficult issue. When you reveal the poll results live on the webinar, it’s wonderful social evidence that they’re not alone and that many others are dealing with the same issue. They’ll also be in a better position to seek assistance if they buy your items or services!

The exit survey is another useful tool to use while planning your webinar. Inquire about how much they appreciated the webinar and what the most important takeaway was. This is a fantastic method to get immediate feedback for your webinar replay or perhaps your future one.

Also, ask whether they would tell their friends and relatives about your product or service. If they say yes, pick up the phone and contact them after the webinar since they’ve signaled that they’re a hot prospect who deserves to be called!

Step 4: Create a Web Page for Your Registration

You’ll need to invite your participants once you’ve set up your webinar. You may either utilize the basic registration page provided by the webinar hosting business or construct your own. I prefer to make my own because I want to be able to customize the appearance and feel of the registration page. This also helps me to set myself apart from the various webinars available.

One million dollar tip: on your signup page, request complete contact information. That way, you may remind them with an automated phone message shortly before the webinar (they’ll like it!). If you know their postal address, you may send them postcards or sales materials after the webinar.

You could even go all out and make a special offer for people who didn’t purchase the first time!

If you follow these instructions, you’ll be well on your way to hosting your first successful webinar. Best wishes!

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